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More farmers’ shop at Yangon for poultry

Yangon, September 4
    “We are giving assistance to open 16 farmers’ shop for poultry in Yangon’s suburb markets” said Dr. Kyaw Thu, Yangon Region Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department (LBVD).
    Since the 4 th of February 2017, the Yangon Region Government gave guiding to open the farmers’ shop by the assistance of Yangon City Development Committee(YCDC) and LBVD. The farmers’ shop are opend by the Broiler Associaiton under  Myanmar Livestock federation.

    “We open the shops for the purpose of  stable poultry price (which  was severly affected by the humours of avian flu and seasonal flu)” he said. The supply chain of poultry meat has many steps, from farmers to the whole sale market then to the sub whole sale and then to retailer then to the consumers.
    The farmers got  only 2000 Ks per viss at farm gate alive bird price but at the consumers they have to spen 6000 ks per viss. The difference between two price is due to the many steps of  whole sales and   retailers at the supply chain.
    The farmers’ shop sold at the price of adding 1000-1500-2000 ks to the farm gate price accroding to the quality and portions of the meat.
    The poutry meat price is in a little bit up because of promotions events but still not reach to the normal price.