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Cattle export approved starting from 9th October

Yangon, October 16
    Ministry of Commerce announced the approval of live cattle export starting from October 9, 2017.
    It is a result of many workshops and meetings among the cattle farms, Myanmar Livestock Federation and the Department of Livestock Breeding and Veterinary of Myanmar. Also many debates occurred in the related departments.
    In the announcement, the ministry stated that the situations of the cattle farms and the demand of live cattle in the international, they allowed the export. But the rules and regulations of trade requirements will be according to the existing laws.
    It will also assist the free market economy and to prevent the illegal trade of cattle to the neighboring countries. The export of live cattle will raise the livelihood and economy of farmers and will lead the development of livestock sector.
    But still some procedures are needed to release the red tape in controlling the movement of cattle, noted by livestock farmers.