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Myanmar farms turn to direct sales through on line

Yangon, May 6
Because of the pandemic COVID-19, the demand of the livestock products and agri produce is significantly declined. Because of the Stay at Home program people seldom go out for shopping especially in the normal wet market. Another fact is that the all the business nearly stop and the purchasing power is also declining .That make the wholesalers faces the less and less demand and order less and less from the supplier. The agri produce (mostly fruits and vege) and meat, milk and eggs producers going to look for the direct sales through the social media,
The producers, farm set up the Facebook page (only few set up the Mobile App) to take order and they send by their own delivery truck to the end consumers. Big poultry farms selling poultry meat, eggs and dairy products and some fish wholesalers and slaughter house jump into the business of online direct sales.