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MLF surveyed on the livestock farms due to COVID-19 pandemic

Yangon, May 5 Myanmar Livestock Federation launched an online survey in the last week of April. According to the results livestock farmers affected by the lower demand due to the stay at home program and economy crisis.

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Myanmar farms turn to direct sales through on line

Yangon, May 6 Because of the pandemic COVID-19, the demand of the livestock products and agri produce is significantly declined. Because of the Stay at Home program people seldom go out for shopping especially in the normal wet market. Another fact is that the all the business nearly stop and the purchasing power is also declining .That make the wholesalers faces the less and less demand and order less and less from the supplier. The agri produce (mostly fruits and vege) and meat, milk and eggs producers going to look for the direct sales through the social media, Facebook.

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Nearly 80% dropped in seafood export during April

Yangon, May 5 Myanmar’s seafood export is dropped nearly 80 percent in April because of worldwide pandemic. Some buyers canceled and some postponed their offer because of less demand said U Win Kyaing, Secretary General of Myanmar Fishery Federation.

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Myanmar fishing vessels under VMS surveillance

Yangon, June 5 Department of Fishery of Myanmar had ordered the fishing vessels and fish carriers vessel to set up the E-MTU/ Transponder/ VMS and all the vessels are already finished setting up. SO the Myanmar’s fishing vessels are under surveillance by the VMS control centers. As a grace period for educating the vessels from February 1, 2020 to 31 May to give awareness of the VMS system. At that period DOF send noticed by phone and official notice letter to the vessel’s owners, official agents and captains of the vessels who trespassed the inshore fishing ground and marine protected areas. Also ...

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Myanmar closed season starting from June

Yangon, June 5 The closed season for Myanmar fishing ground starting from 1 st of June to end of August. Just like previous year the fishing will be band 100% for the sake of not to impletion the fish resources in Myanmar water. These three months is spawning season for the fishes. Myanmar started the closed season from 2013. At the early years of the closed season, the band is partial closing and it reduces the quantity of fishing vessels gradually. Starting from the previous year the closed season is fully closed. But in the previous closed season some fishermen and fishing vessels owners ...

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MFF wishes the hands by regime for fishery industry

Yangon, June 1 Myanmar Fisheries Federation hopes the Government puts the stimulus programmes in fishery industry rammed by the COVID-19 pandemic that employs over 3 million of local people. The required provisions have currently been proposed to the government; fishing, aquaculture and export sectors left in more severe turmoil have contracted the agony, leaving the lower job opportunities, as well as prompting the government to be wished for reducing the bank interest rate; according to the federation. There are 11 fishing ports and 73 cold storage plants in Yangon Region. Fishing landing jetties; cold storage & processing plants; fish paste, dried fish and fish ...

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Broiler farm gate price rocketed up to twice within one month

Yangon, June 5 In the previous month of April Myanmar was lock down due to Covid 19 pandemic and all the business stopped. Also the restaurant and hotels were closed and the consumption of chicken and eggs are downed just like other commodities. So the farmers reduce the stocking of the birds and as the result broiler supply are downed and the farm gate price rocketed up to 200 percent during the month of May. In the beginning of May the farm gate price of live bird was around 2500 Ks and at the end of May it became 5000 Ks per viss. The chicken ...

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Pig and pig products see the green light to enter Shan State

Yangon, May 16 A statement dated 12 May from Shan State government reported transport of swine and swine products pegged with the health certificate to northern Shan State would be eligible again. The statement reflects the decision of third meeting of Shan State African Swine Fever Prevention and Control Committee held on 5 May 2020. It means ASF-free certificate issued by animal disease laboratory in Yangon or Mandalay are called for transport of pig and pig products from other States and Regions to the northern Shan State while veterinary health certificate known as PC3 of relevant Livestock Breeding and Veterinary department is needed to ...

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Four main factors to achieve the development of livestock industry of Myanmar

Yangon, May 23 Dr. Kyaw Htin, Vice Chairman(1) of Myanmar Livestock Federation suggested through online video conference on agricultural sector held on 21 May there were 4 main factors to make the livestock industry of Myanmar improved. Firstly, land use policy should be simplified, he advised. He maintained this was fundamental to the development of the livestock industry, and small and medium-scale farmers were facing against the substantial obstacles regarding the land use policy. Secondly, Loan system for livestock industry should be implemented, he said. He continued there were still no such system in both private and public banks which came out of ...

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Belgian delegation meets MLF regarding investment in livestock sector and commodity swap

Mandalay, Feb 7 A Belgian delegation meets Myanmar Livestock Federation (Mandalay) to discuss on investment in livestock sector and commodity swap. The delegation comprised of 15 firms in Wallonia represents the fields like construction, child nutrition, health equipment, energy & gas, air pollution control, agriculture, livestock, feed production, animal genetics and so on. Their 15 businesses intended to make the investments and commodity swap, considering the business plans of Myanmar entrepreneurs, said Mr. Philippe Kridelka, Belgian Ambassador. It also had the tours to THT Probiotic Company, Daw Hla Tin Sausage Business and Shwe Oh Dairy Farm which joined the meeting. Translated by KZTun

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