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Myanmar Sun Thiri celebrates 15th anniversary

Myanmar’s top distributors of animal medicines, Myanmar Sun Thiri Co. Ltd. celebrates its 15th anniversary in Yangon.

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Myanmar Veterinary Association hold annual general meeting

Myanmar’s veterinarian gathered for their annual general meeting on 3rd of December in Yangon.

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22.5 million Euro for sustainable aquaculture in Myanmar

European Union will support 22.5 million Euro to Department of Fishery for the Sustainable aquaculture in Myanmar for five years starting from 2016 to 2022.

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Mangrove festival in Myeik conducted by FFI

The Flower and Flora International(FFI) conducted Mangroves Festival in Myeik, southern part of Myanmar.

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Yangon’s mutton price up although goats price in the country down

It is amazing that one viss of mutton in Yangon is nearly the same price of a goat in the farm.

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PRRS, the main challenge for the pig industry

There are over 12 million pigs in Myanmar and 99 % are back yard farms.

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The Aquarium shops want permanent place

The aquarium farms and shops gather every Friday at the car park of southern gate of Shwedaogn Pagoda and become a small market. They have to shift from one place to another because they don’t have permanent place.

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The imported mount of raw and feed didn’t reach as applied

The difference between the amount imported and the application for the license is significant said Yangon Region Fishery Officer, U Htun Win Myint.

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90 million kyats for livestock sector development

The Union Government budget allotment 90 million kyats for the livestock sector will be used for the Evergreen Projects(Livestock Sector) said Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department official.

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Roads time arrangement not ok with Seafood containers

To ease the traffic jam in Yangon City, regional government announced the time frame of the container truck.

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Students on internship by the USAID project

According to the USAID projects, Myanmar university students specialized in Zoology are in internship at the seafood and fishery businesses. Dr. Kay Lwin Htun, Associate Professor of Sittwe University and Yangon University who works as the Country Principal Investigator of USAID Seafood Project explained in the meeting with the fishery business persons.

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KOICA support for the freshwater aquaculture research cente

According to the project “Development of Inland Fish Farming Technology”, Korea Organization for international Cooperation Agency (KOICA) will support for Fresh Water Aquaculture Research Center” in Mandalay.

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Research fishery hatchery for YU

A research and training hatchery for the Department of Zoology of Yangon University will be donate by the old students of YU, Department of Zoology.

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Japan will make research on Moluccas in Myeik archipelago

Japanese researchers from JIRCAS will start their research for Moluccas in Myeik archipelagos for five years.

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HP available for Closed House and poultry equipment

The poultry famers know that the mass production and closed house system reduced the cost of production.

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Training on the Marketing for Livestock

Win Rock International with the cooperation of Myanmar Livestock Federation (Mandalay) will organize training on Livestock Marketing in Mandalay from 26 – 28 September 2016.

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MLF annual meeting coming soon

16th Annual meeting of Myanmar Livestock Federation (MLF) will be start very soon. The annual meeting will be held on 30th September at Myanmar Fishery Federation, Insein, and Yangon.

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AHP association met LBVD to ease tax

The Association of Animal Health Products and Farm equipment’s personnel met with Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department for the ease of rules? Regulations and terrify for importing on September 15 morning at Yangon LBVD office.

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Wash up whale rescued in Rakhine

A whale wash up on the Kha Ohn Maw beach of Mahn Aung Township, Kyauk Phyu District in Rakhine State was rescued by the people and successfully sent back to the Bay of Bengal.

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Rakine’s land and sea resources depleted due to offshore O & G projects

There are 25 offshore and inland oil and gas fields in Rakhine State among them nine offshore oil and gas sites are in operation. By that O&G projects Rakhine’s people suffered impact on social and environmental effects. The farm lands are destroyed by the O&G projects and also fishery resources become under depletion.

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Fish ponds hit again by floods

The fish ponds that suffered a lot in last year flood now hit again. By the heavy rains during the August caused the floods along the Ayeyarwaddy River and other tributary rivers and creeks in the whole country.

Post Date - 09/12/2016 Read More
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There is no way to import frozen poultry

Although the poultry meat price is high, there is no way to import. It is learnt from the Yangon Region Government.

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Many factors needed for livestock sectors

Although Myanmar has much potential for the livestock sectors, many factors are needed to change. The land law is one of the obstacles and the scare of pasture land is another problems.

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Ayeyarwaddy delta start flooding

The Ayeyarwaddy River is full of water and delta is flooding soon. Some townships in the delta, the water is overflowing to the rim of the fish ponds.

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Mandalay Livestock Farmers on discussion

Mandalay Livestock farmers met with the Committee of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery form the parliament and the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation of Mandalay Regional Government. The discussion forum was organized by Myanmar Livestock Federation (Mandalay Region).

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Use of raw materials for feed need system

The uprising of the animal feed is because of not systematic and proper use of raw materials learnt from the Myanmar feed producers Association.

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Land Law become main obstacle for poultry farmers

For the development of poultry farming and the livestock sector, the main obstacle is the existing land laws.

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MYCulture Nursery Management Training of Aquaculture at Pyarpone Fishery Institute

The MYCulture (MYFC) project funded by Livelihood and Food Security Trust (LIFT) and implemented by WorldFish in partnership with DOF, NAG, GRET and PACT Myanmar seeks to promote the sustainable growth of aquaculture in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta (Delta) and suitable agro-ecological areas in the Central Dry Zone (CDZ).

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Illegal import fish and meat need to take action

The illegal imported fish and meat from Thailand coming into Myanmar through Myawaddy-Kawkareik road every day and need to take action to stop.

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Researcher warns SEZ waste may threaten fishery

A researcher, U Zaw Aung who is making survey on the waste of Special Economic Zone said that it (the waste) destroy the fishery resources nearby.

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Myanmar exporters ask for re-export

The fishery raw materials from local become less and less that makes exporters want to do re-export.

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Green Feed will produce 400,000 MT feed in coming year

Vietnam’s one of the top feed producers Green Feed Vietnam Corporation will produce 400000 MT per year in Myanmar. One of the officials from Green Feed said in his address at the Workshop in Yangon for the fish farmers.

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MFF held 17th Annual General Meeting

Myanmar Fishery Federation (MFF), Myanmar’s leading organization for fishery held its 17th Annual General Meeting in Yangon.

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USSEC Conference on US grain transportation

US Soybean Export Council (USSEC) organized a conference on US grain Transportation was held in Chatrium Hotel, Yangon. The opening speech was presented by the Permanent Secretary Dr. Khin Zaw, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation.

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USAID donated Seafood Safety Lab to YU

A lab worth of over 400,000 USD is donated to Yangon University by the USAID. The Seafood Safety Laboratory equipped with modern lab apparatus is opened in the Yangon University, Department of Zoology, Laboratory of Aquatic Bioscience premises.

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NUSCIENCE introduce to Myanmar

NUSCIENCE group made a visit to Myanmar Livestock Federation and discussed on the matter of livestock situation in Myanmar.

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Federation asked Hluttaw for land using policy for aquaculture

Myanmar Fishery Federation asked to Hluttaw on the land use policy for the aquaculture.

Post Date - 07/14/2016 Read More

Farmers welcome Napier for feed

The dairy farmers in Mandalay and Sagaing Region where the country’s most milk products zone are so please by using Napier as dairy cattle feed. The Chairman of Myanmar Milk Producers Association Dr. Khin Hlaing said that.

Post Date - 27/6/2016 Read More

Myanmar Milk Producers attended Global Dairy Congress

Myanmar milk producers attend Global Dairy Congress in Singapore from May 16 to 18.

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Myanmar milk producers invite for training program

Processing training for milk and meat will be given on July 25 to 29 by Department of Livestock Development of Thailand at Chaing Mai Livestock Industry Development Center, Chaing Mai, Thailand.

Post Date - 27/6/2016 Read More