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Fish ponds hit again by floods

The fish ponds that suffered a lot in last year flood now hit again. By the heavy rains during the August caused the floods along the Ayeyarwaddy River and other tributary rivers and creeks in the whole country.

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There is no way to import frozen poultry

Although the poultry meat price is high, there is no way to import. It is learnt from the Yangon Region Government.

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Many factors needed for livestock sectors

Although Myanmar has much potential for the livestock sectors, many factors are needed to change. The land law is one of the obstacles and the scare of pasture land is another problems.

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Ayeyarwaddy delta start flooding

The Ayeyarwaddy River is full of water and delta is flooding soon. Some townships in the delta, the water is overflowing to the rim of the fish ponds.

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Mandalay Livestock Farmers on discussion

Mandalay Livestock farmers met with the Committee of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery form the parliament and the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation of Mandalay Regional Government. The discussion forum was organized by Myanmar Livestock Federation (Mandalay Region).

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Use of raw materials for feed need system

The uprising of the animal feed is because of not systematic and proper use of raw materials learnt from the Myanmar feed producers Association.

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Land Law become main obstacle for poultry farmers

For the development of poultry farming and the livestock sector, the main obstacle is the existing land laws.

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MYCulture Nursery Management Training of Aquaculture at Pyarpone Fishery Institute

The MYCulture (MYFC) project funded by Livelihood and Food Security Trust (LIFT) and implemented by WorldFish in partnership with DOF, NAG, GRET and PACT Myanmar seeks to promote the sustainable growth of aquaculture in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta (Delta) and suitable agro-ecological areas in the Central Dry Zone (CDZ).

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Illegal import fish and meat need to take action

The illegal imported fish and meat from Thailand coming into Myanmar through Myawaddy-Kawkareik road every day and need to take action to stop.

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Researcher warns SEZ waste may threaten fishery

A researcher, U Zaw Aung who is making survey on the waste of Special Economic Zone said that it (the waste) destroy the fishery resources nearby.

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Myanmar exporters ask for re-export

The fishery raw materials from local become less and less that makes exporters want to do re-export.

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Green Feed will produce 400,000 MT feed in coming year

Vietnam’s one of the top feed producers Green Feed Vietnam Corporation will produce 400000 MT per year in Myanmar. One of the officials from Green Feed said in his address at the Workshop in Yangon for the fish farmers.

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MFF held 17th Annual General Meeting

Myanmar Fishery Federation (MFF), Myanmar’s leading organization for fishery held its 17th Annual General Meeting in Yangon.

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USSEC Conference on US grain transportation

US Soybean Export Council (USSEC) organized a conference on US grain Transportation was held in Chatrium Hotel, Yangon. The opening speech was presented by the Permanent Secretary Dr. Khin Zaw, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation.

Post Date - 07/25/2016 Read More
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USAID donated Seafood Safety Lab to YU

A lab worth of over 400,000 USD is donated to Yangon University by the USAID. The Seafood Safety Laboratory equipped with modern lab apparatus is opened in the Yangon University, Department of Zoology, Laboratory of Aquatic Bioscience premises.

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NUSCIENCE introduce to Myanmar

NUSCIENCE group made a visit to Myanmar Livestock Federation and discussed on the matter of livestock situation in Myanmar.

Post Date - 07/25/2016 Read More

Federation asked Hluttaw for land using policy for aquaculture

Myanmar Fishery Federation asked to Hluttaw on the land use policy for the aquaculture.

Post Date - 07/14/2016 Read More

Farmers welcome Napier for feed

The dairy farmers in Mandalay and Sagaing Region where the country’s most milk products zone are so please by using Napier as dairy cattle feed. The Chairman of Myanmar Milk Producers Association Dr. Khin Hlaing said that.

Post Date - 27/6/2016 Read More

Myanmar Milk Producers attended Global Dairy Congress

Myanmar milk producers attend Global Dairy Congress in Singapore from May 16 to 18.

Post Date - 27/6/2016 Read More

Myanmar milk producers invite for training program

Processing training for milk and meat will be given on July 25 to 29 by Department of Livestock Development of Thailand at Chaing Mai Livestock Industry Development Center, Chaing Mai, Thailand.

Post Date - 27/6/2016 Read More

DOF joined the weekly meeting of the fish and meat industry

The stakeholders of the fish and meat industry meet twice a month on Tuesday at Myanmar Fishery Federation for the discussion and sharing their difficulties and experiences since over 10 years.

Post Date - 27/6/2016 Read More

Pig farmers got training by US experts

Two American experts gave two trainings to the pig farmers in Yangon and Mandalay.

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School Milk Foundation formed in Mandalay

The School Milk Foundation which will support the school milk program in Mandalay Region was formed by the bless of Mandalay Regional Government and lead by the Myanmar Livestock Federation (Mandalay Region) with cooperation of Region Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department.

Post Date - 27/6/2016 Read More

Fish farms worry from theft and rob

In Ayeyar Wadddy Region where the aquaculture is one of the main businesses in the region is now worry from theft and rob.

Post Date - 27/6/2016 Read More

Training on Biofloc for shrimp farming

The first time training on Biofloc Technology for shrimp farming was conducted at Institute of Fishery of Department of Fishery in Gyogone, Yangon.

Post Date - 24/6/2016 Read More

Hlutaw Commission met with the fish and meat sectors

The Legal Commission of Pyithu Hlutaw (Parliament) met with the personnel of Myanmar Fishery Federation and Myanmar Livestock Federation at the Hlutaw, Nay Pyi Taw.

Post Date - 24/6/2016 Read More

Historical building for continuous learning of Veterinary studies

Over 90 years old historical building that was used as the training center and institute for the vet in Insein will be protected and soon transfer to Myanmar Veterinary Association (MVA).

Post Date - 7/6/2016 Read More
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Japan wants to call Myanmar trainee for fishing vessels

Japan fisheries companies want to call Myanmar trainee for the transfer of knowledge on fisheries. Utsumomia Suisan Co. Ltd. Of Japan call 20 trainees from by the cooperation of Myanmar Fishery Federation.

Post Date - 7/6/2016 Read More

Only 40 percent of vessels allow in closed season

Yangon, May 25 June, July and August is the spooning time of fishes in Myanmar water. The Department of Fishery noticed that it is the closed seasons in all Myanmar’s fishing ground and according to the outcome of the previous workshop on Closed Season Closed Area, 40 percent of the fishing vessel will allow to go on.

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Union Minister met with Fishery/ Livestocks Federations

Union Minister for the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Dr. Aung Thu met with the top personals from Myanmar Fishery Federation and Myanmar Livestock Federation separately at Yangon Region Department of Fishery on 4 June.

Post Date - 7/6/2016 Read More

Fishery export can triple in coming 5 years

Fishery is one of the 7 important export items from Myanmar and it can triple in coming 5 years if the government joined hands in hands with the entrepreneur said the exports of fishery products.

Post Date - 6/6/2016 Read More
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Hoping more regulations for import /export of livestock products

Myanmar livestock farmers hoping for better protection from Government after they have joined a workshop.

Post Date - 18/5/2016 Read More

Local poultry producers asked to take action on illegal imported meat

The local poultry producers want the official to take action on the illegal import of poultry and its products including DOC and eggs.

Post Date - 18/5/2016 Read More

New Restaurant to taste the quality of Myanmar beef

The first Myanmar meat which produces direct form the beef cattle farm can now taste at the Porter House in Shwe Taung Kyar, Yangon.

Post Date - 18/5/2016 Read More

Myanmar Fishery Resources decline 90 % within 35 years

The fishery resources in Myanmar water declines 90% within 35 years said the researcher from Department of Fishery Dr. Htun Thein. He quoted that base on the result that was carried out by the Norwegian Research Vessel Dr. Fridtjof Nanseen last year. Comparing the results of the Research vessel in 1979, 1980, 2013 and 2015 which was surveyed in Myanmar Water.

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Farmers want to band the Illegal import of poultry

After the Mobile inspection team was suspended, the cars carrying alive bird illegally import to Myanmar. Every day, nearly 10 trucks per day entering the Myanmar.

Post Date - 7/4/2016 Read More
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Federations welcome the new minister

Myanmar has got the new government lead by the election winner National League for Democracy (NLD). NLD took power and the new government lead by the Daw Aung San Su Kyi is the first elected government within 50 years.

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China low demand in sesame made local farmers happy

This year Chinese low demand on Myanmar Sesame caused the price down of sesame oil and sesame cake in Myanmar. Last year China’s high demand caused no stock of sesame in the market and that lead to no sesame oil and sesame cake.

Post Date - 18/3/2016 Read More

The illegal import of meat will be banned

The poultry meat and products are illegally coming in through the border.

Post Date - 18/3/2016 Read More

Rules and laws to prevent the depletion of fishery resources

The experts from the Myanmar Fishery Federation suggested that the close season is needed and the fishing methods and gears should inspect regularly and strictly to prevent the depletion of the fishery resources.

Post Date - 18/3/2016 Read More

Parliament invites the federations for the development of the sectors

The newly formed Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery Development Committee of the National Parliament invite Myanmar Livestock Federation and Myanmar Fishery Federation to discuss for the development of the sectors.

Post Date - 18/3/2016 Read More

The marine fishery catches more at the Myanmar Sea

The catch of the marine fish in this season is high at most of the landing site in Ayeyarwaddy and Tanintharyi fishing ground, it is learnt from the meeting at Myanmar Fishery Federation this week.

Post Date - 18/3/2016 Read More

LBVD detect the H5N6 virus at border towns

Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department of Myanmar had taken the samples from the poultry products and excrete for the detection of H5N6 at border towns said LBVD officials in a press conference.

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Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin Censusing and Educating trip launched

The team of DOF Mandalay and WCS launched a trip up to the Ayeyarwaddy River from Mandalay on the 15th of February.

Post Date - 18/3/2016 Read More

Indigenous free range chicken farm in progress

A farmer who had set up the indigenous free range chicken for 30 years is now famous in his township.

Post Date - 18/3/2016 Read More

FMD discussion in Yangon

A discussion on FMD was carried out in Myanmar Livestock Federation on February 5.

Post Date - 18/3/2016 Read More

Meat Whole Sale Market project signed for agreement

an agreement at Ministry of Livestock, Fishery and Rural Development office at Nay Pyi Taw on the construction of a new modern meat whole sale market in Yangon.

Post Date - 18/3/2016 Read More

MFF submit letter to allow the fish logistic by Express bus

Myanmar Fishery Federation submits a letter to the Minister of Commerce who is the Chair Person of the Consumer Price Management Committee to allow the fish carry along the express way by the passenger express buses.

Post Date - 18/3/2016 Read More

Raw materials, the largest obstacle for Myanmar’s aquaculture

The largest obstacle for Myanmar aquaculture is the sky high raw material price said Myanmar Fishery Federation’s Secretary General U Win Kyaing.

Post Date - 18/3/2016 Read More
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MFF proposed to build the food producing country

U Win Kyaing, Secretary General of Myanmar Fishery Federation (MFF) proposed to build the country as food producing country.

Post Date - 18/3/2016 Read More