What is Free Hit in Fantasy Premier League A Comprehensive Guide

2023-05-26 02:36:02

What is Free Hit in Fantasy Premier League A Comprehensive Guide

1. Introduction

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is a popular online game where users create virtual teams of real-life Premier League players and earn points based on their performances. Free Hit is one of the chips available for FPL managers to use during the season. In this article, we will discuss Free Hit in detail and explain how it can be used effectively.

2. What is Free Hit?

Free Hit is a chip that allows an FPL manager to make unlimited transfers for one gameweek without any penalty. That means you can select a completely different squad for that gameweek and it will not count towards your total transfer limit of the season.

3. When can you use Free Hit?

You can use Free Hit once in a season and it can be used at any point between gameweek 1 and gameweek 38. It is important to plan when to use Free Hit carefully as it can have a significant impact on your overall FPL rank.

4. Why use Free Hit?

Free Hit is particularly useful during gameweeks where there are multiple fixture postponements or clashes, such as those caused by cup competitions or adverse weather conditions. It can also be used during Double Gameweeks (DGW), where some teams play twice in one gameweek, allowing you to take advantage of extra points.

5. How to use Free Hit?

To use Free Hit, select the chip from the ‘Chips’ section on the FPL website or app. Once you have activated it, you will have unlimited transfers and can make changes to your squad as required. However, remember that once the gameweek is over, your original team will be restored, and you will need to use your regular transfers to make any further changes.

6. Tips for using Free Hit

a. Plan ahead: Use Free Hit when there are multiple fixtures or when teams are playing twice in one gameweek.

b. Consider team value: If you have a high team value, you may be able to afford more expensive players for one gameweek, which can help maximize points.

c. Keep an eye on injuries and suspensions: Use Free Hit to replace players who are injured, suspended, or unlikely to play.

d. Don't use it too early: You don't want to waste Free Hit on a gameweek where there are few fixtures or where you have a strong team already.

e. Make the most of Double Gameweeks: Use Free Hit during DGW to maximize points and gain an edge over your competitors.

7. Conclusion

Free Hit is a valuable chip that, when used effectively, can significantly improve your FPL score. It is important to plan when to use it and make changes to your squad based on the fixtures and player availability. By following the tips mentioned above, you can maximize the potential of Free Hit and enhance your chances of victory in FPL.

What is Free Hit in Fantasy Premier League A Comprehensive Guide

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